Help with device and internet usage for kids

Device and internet usage is part of life these days and teaching kids to do this safely in a controlled way is an important life skill.

If you are planning on giving your child a tablet or smart phone this Christmas. This site helps you both through the conversation about how to use the device safely within agreed limits. This is more than a check list it allows you talk about appropriate sharing of information and photos for example. It also allows Never share anything you wouldn't want your Nan to seeyou to set usage and spending limits and you can set an agreement that you agree not to overreact if your child wants to talk about something important with you. You can build a contract between you and your child and have clear set of rules laid out, getting them ready for all the policies they will have to follow when they start work 😉

Check it out here


  • Limit your contacts to those people you know in real life.
  • Never share anything you wouldn’t want your Nan to see.
  • Once it is on the internet it is no longer yours to control, what ever “it” is.
  • Never give out personal details about yourself or location.

Other sites for advice and guidance are as follows,

This is not a full list so if I have missed a good site please tweat us and let us know or use the contact us page.

Stay safe