Information Assurance

From protecting your systems from external threats to helping you to prepare for Cyber Essentials (Plus), IASME, PCI DSS, GDPR or ISO27001 certification we have a diverse offering personalised to your business’ needs and budget.

Information Assurance

Company IT Policy Guidance and Creation – developing your IT policy in line with appropriate regulations and legislation.

System Auditing – Know what you have so you know what needs protecting.

Cyber Essentials – The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme focuses on the five most important technical security controls that, if they had been in place, would have Binary Lockstopped the majority of the successful cyber attacks over the last few yearsWe can help you get ready for the Cyber Essentials questionnaire, by providing an external 3rd party audit of your cyber security to ensure you pass first time.

IASME – Information Assurance management standard for the small to medium enterprise, based on international standards. (

PCI DSS – Gap analysis, pre audit advice, compliance preparation, and self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) consultancy.

GDPR – Support and Advice to ensure your business is compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

ISO 27001 Implementation – Support and Advice – helping you to build an ISO27001 Information Security Management system.

Vulnerability Scanning – Regular scanning of your infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Patch Management – Regular patching and updating of systems helps to protect them from threats.

Backup Strategy Creation – From local disk or tape backups to fully managed off-site, remote storage, we have the solution for your business and budget.

Staff exit planning – How can you protect your business when key people leave?


Our staff are Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP)