Information Security

Baigent’s Information Security Services Ltd. offer a wide variety of information security consultancy services designed to meet the individual needs of SME’s, public sector organisations and larger corporations, who want to protect their business and enhance the overall security of their internal and external information systems.

We recognise that in the rapidly changing digital world many organisations lack the specialised knowledge and resources to constantly stay ahead of the threats to their business’ information systems and infrastructure – using cloud computing, mobile devices, BYOD (bring your own device) and other collaborative tools can all make a business vulnerable. Our mission is to work with each business to help them to understand the risks and to minimise the threat from both internal and external cyber attacks.

At Baigent’s Information Security Services Ltd we will not baffle you with “Techy” words or complicated solutions as we pride ourselves in straight-talking and honest advice. Based in Andover, UK, we support businesses across the UK and Europe with their cyber security needs.

Information Assurance and Security

From protecting your systems from external threats to helping you to prepare for a PCI DSS, IASME, Cyber Essentials (Plus) or ISO27001 certification we have a diverse offering personalised to your business’ needs and budget.

  • Cyber Essentials – The UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme focuses on the five most important technical security controls that, if they had been in place, would have stopped the majority of the successful cyber attacks over the last few years
  • IASME – Information Assurance management standard for the small to medium enterprise, based on international standards. (
  • Security Audit – Understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Vulnerability Assessments – No system is 100% secure, but without assessing how do we know where we are weak.
  • PCI DSS Gap analysis, pre audit advice, compliance preparation, and self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) consultancy.
  • Consultancy – Have our Information Security Experts help you make the secure choice.
  • Virtual CISO – Don’t need a full time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) let us help on retainer when needed. (RETAINER SPACE AVAILABLE)
  • OSINT Open-source intelligence Analysis – What does the internet know about your business and how could that be used against you.
  • Company Information Security Policy Guidance and Creation – developing your IT policy in line with appropriate regulations and legislation.
  • Staff exit planning – How can you protect your business when key people leave?
  • Computer Security Incident Response – Prior, Planning & Preparation is key to managing an incident.
  • Staff Information Security Training – Give your staff a head start to help them protect your business.  Areas from basic cyber security to information disclosure.

Data Recovery and ForensicsShould the Worst Happen

There are occasions when the best-laid plans don’t always go as expected. We can help you to recover from such a situation using a variety of data recovery and forensic techniques.

  • Password Recovery – Been locked out? Getting you back in
  • Forensic Data Capture and Collection –  Securing the evidence, maintaining chain of custody.
  • Incident Response and Management – Had a breach ? Need help ?

Patch Management

Nobody likes that update message when your are trying to do something important. But that patch is important too.

Online Backup – Two is one, one is none

Business data is a valuable asset.  In many cases, it is the company.  Having readily available access to that data directly affects operations, communication and customer goodwill. Today, over 70% of that data resides on computers.

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