Patch Management

Unfortunately computer software is not perfect and comes with flaws out of the box. To fix these flaws we need to apply patches, sometimes the patches are minor tweaks to things which missed the launch deadline but more often they are more serious and can cause problems if left unpatched.

Nobody likes that update message when your are trying to do something important. But that patch is important too.

Delaying it could cause a security vulnerability or even fix that little issue you have.

Let us look after your patching for you.

For a simple monthly fee we can remotely manage your whole estate of computers and keep them all up to date. As part of our vulnerability testing service we come across unpatched systems all the time. Patching is a simple fix but is not without risks. For the most part patches can be applied with little problem but there are patches that will require more in depth testing. We can do that to, we can work with your team to produce a test plan and manage the rollout of the update. We understand that this needs to be done with the minimum of downtime so we schedule the updates when your quiet or when you are sleeping.

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